Interior Painter Tips

Quickest Way to Paint a Wall

The quickest way that people can paint their interior walls is by using an airless sprayer, however, often the overspray it creates means it is impractical to paint a single wall. The alternative will be to use either a brush and a roller. The brush will be used to cut into the corners and around fixtures, and the roller will be used to paint the rest of the wall. There is nothing that complicated about rolling a wall, however, armed with a few professional interior painter tips, it can help the job go faster.


Tape off all the trim, woodwork, and windows, however, this can be quite tedious and time-consuming, and there is always the risk of the tape pulling the paint off the surface once the time has come to remove it. You can avoid taping vertical and overhead borders if you are careful when cutting in. Although you will need a good eye and a steady hand, all you need is a good quality brush with tapered bristles. You can tape the baseboards, however, as paint does have a tendency to drip.

Prepping the Walls

Your painting project will go more quickly when you prepare the walls properly. This means making sure there are no pieces of old paint or dried joint compound left on the finish, and, it will also mean etching the surface to make sure the paint adheres. Washing the wall with a cup of trisodium phosphate or an equivalent detergent mixed with some warm water is the most efficient way to remove old paint, in addition to removing the likes of grease, crayon marks, and other dirt and scuff marks. If you have to fill small holes, do so using a lightweight wall spackling compound, as this dries quickly and is easy to sand off.

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